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A BTS look/photoessay chronicling the many faces of Michael Musto,

as captured in his Village Voice Year in Review.

Who’s that laaaaday?

Valissa Makeup-Hands

Inside the Artist's Atelier: V's mobile arsenal of product + her canvas (Michael Musto) awaiting his first transformation.

Tabula Rasa: an Ariel View. V preps Musto for his fresh-faced pop look...


Bieber is in the building! Valissa perfects Musto's Bieber helmet as Maegan and Chad discuss visuals, while John oversees the logistics.

Pow! Published. (photo via Village Voice)


Lauren, master prop stylist, prepares the next ensemble.

Holy Pop Icon!

Bieber is sidelined as Gaga takes center stage.


Behold! The Artiste.



Money Shot.

$$$ (photo via Village Voice)

Next! Post-Bronzer. Getting Snook'd.

Work it

Snooki! A reunion photo for posterity.


In character: Mad Hatter Musto!

Power Brow II

A toast to 2K10 (photo via Village Voice)

2010, An Allegory. Clockwise from top left: The Chad. Mad Hatter Musto. Snookums. Lady VaVa. Mel Gibson's Beaver with A Beaver'd Bieber. Maegen Hardy.


Art Direction: John Dixon, Village Voice

Photography: Chad Griffith

Photo Assistant: Maegen Gindi

Prop Stylist & Wardrobe: Lauren Stoecker-Sylvia

Makeup and Hair Styling: Valissa Yoe

Documentarian and Beaver Wrangler: Yours Truly


Glam Squad 1: Makeup and Wardrobe. Three Sexy Women.

I got five sexy women plus some five star love in my house
And on the walls, got Gucci linen
My bartender keep the bottles poppin’ all night, ni-ii-ght

This is the silky hook sung by Jeremih [of ‘Birthday Sex’ fame] on the new Sheek Louch track, ‘Party After 2.’ The song is a smooth toast to those late nights spent buzzing around a bottle of bubbly—-the video shoot went much the same way….

Chic look: V and Sheek Louch were downtown tubbin'

Okay, so we weren’t really sippin on Don Don, but Haus of Yoe represented our bubbly, five-star haus love by curating an exquisite and expansive/teeming wardrobe of lingerie, swimsuits, and clubwear for the sexy video ladies to vibe in. We selected our favorite pieces by Public School gear for our male stars, House of Deréon, Baby Phat, Elle Macpherson Intimates, Betsy Johnson, TopShop, Kardashian by Bebe, designs by Valissa Yoe, and about $2Gs worth of oh-my-gaaarter! Agent Provacateur. The ladies were glam in all the right places. Check out this Best of Both Offices BTS vid to see their pretty faces:

That’s right. Valissa styled about 30 vixens. Christian Civera, Zoë Vickers, and yours truly Leo Fallon assisted this….lively….operation that went down at The Thompson LES‘s Above Allen lounge and penthouse suite. Naturally, a gathering of 30 vixens styled to the nines called for an entourage plus other camera crews to take note of this eye candy. Here is Eve Lora’s account of the activity:

In case you didn’t catch it, there were cameo appearances by Ghostface, a seriously cute shorty who spits a mean verse Little E, among others…


[Amid the chaos, I swear I saw/heard Jadakiss, but that could’ve been the effect of the 14 hr work day…]

Hour 14. The Aftermath. Glam Squad 2: Two More Sexy Women. Leo + Zoë

The official video debut is set for next week. Here’s a little sample for you to keep:


photo via SmokeStack Recording

We’d like to thank producer Jim Muscarella, Natalie Cora on hair/makeup, and director James Del Gatto for this experience!


If the names Michael Musto, Justin Bieber, Snooki, KIM KARDASHIAN, or the Mad Hatter mean anything to you….

STAY TUNED!!!! And let us tease/leave you to ponder the following tags (below)…..

‘Til next time Haus of Yoe, lovas! xx

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Okay, so if the iPhone 4’s audio capture isn’t WOWing you as much as it’s capability to capture stunning visuals <ahem>, above is a behind the scenes video of Valissa being interviewed by Tokyo TV (aka NHK) at Levi’s® Workshop in SoHo for her NHK spotlight. Pause. That’s right, Haus of Yoe is going international! Valissa has been selected by 日本放送協会 “NHK,” Japan’s national broadcasting corporation, as one of the international artists to be featured on a new television program hosted by the legendary Takeshi Kitano (Google him! This Japanese icon is a true Renaissance man. You won’t be disappointed).

You’ll have to wait until the show airs to see her night on the town at Le Bain (The Standard, New York‘s notorious, rooftop hotspot), where she popped bottles with her cronies and traded fashion notes with Nas! We’re wondering if rapper Nas’s appearance will make the final cut, as the segment was all about V—especially as she donned a show-stopping, lipstick-red, Mongolian-lamb fur coat that night, per statement-making usual.

Back to the video content…

Valissa chose to showcase her artistic vision for Japan and all of you Haus of Yoe supporters to see in this photoshoot with friend/talented photographer, Kareem Black, and the fabulous model/New York personality, Raquel Reed! DJ Jess Jubilee kept the creative energy flowing all day with a thumping DJ set, while bloggers Angela Yew, William Yan, Ladies Lotto watched all of the beautiful chaos unfold.

Valissa discuses her vision, modeled by Raquel Reed, to Tokyo TV. Bodysuit by Amanda Diva. [photo via Zoë Vickers]

Omar Figueroa, Christian A., and Team-V-newcomer Zoë Vickers represented the Haus of Yoe by maintaining the wardrobe and assisting Valissa on the shoot.

It's a V sandwich... Eat your heart out, Tokyo! Omar, Valissa, and Christian A. pose by the wardrobe for documenter du jour, Zoë Vickers (not pictured). Photo via Zoë Vickers.

The wardrobe…

The following labels (and friends!) believe in Valissa’s vision and lended some of the most extraordinary pieces:

Clothing by: The Blonds. Katie Gallagher. Amanda Diva.

Shoes by: Irregular Choice. Christian Louboutin!

Jewelry and Accessories by: LaureLuxe Jewelry. Bruce Snell Jewelry. A-Morir by Kerin Rose! Deryck Todd.

[Click on the photos to enlarge and admire the Power Collabo eye candy!]


Live conceptual art, immortalized!
For more, check out Sam Dane’s account of the mayhem, Raquel Reed’s insight, and Kareem Black’s angle.
For more behind the scenes videos and Valissa Exclusives™, check Valissa’s YouTube channel.
And we’ll let you know once Tokyo TV releases and airs the segment.
Thank you!

A Valissa Yoe x Nicolas Padron Collaboration

Ever have one of those days where everything goes so right?

Timing on. Vibing on. Everything on…

Well, that was the way our styling job at M.A.C. Pro Studio went yesterday. Oh, we fancy. So fancy, in fact, that we actually shared an elevator with Swizzy, himself! Random…..?…..Holla!

Everything big. It was gorgeousness all around. In collaboration with photographer Nicolas Padron, MAC Pro makeup artist Armando Guajardo, hair stylist Kimiyuki Masawa, model Machiko from Wilhelmina, The Haus of Yoe made it happen!

Drawing inspiration from the sultry sophistication of the 1990s (reads: minimalist accessories and makeup, sheer fabrics, femme fatale attitude, etc.), Valissa and Leo were at-the-ready with their rack full of gowns, lingerie, and leather. Valissa and the newest Haus of Yoe inductee, Christian A. helped Valissa assemble a wardrobe of various labels like Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Chanel, United Nude, Burberry, Bijules, and vintage finds.

Collaborating with the rest of the photoshoot cast was a breeze! Machiko was able to translate Nicolas’ energy into strong poses, while Kimi and Armando kept her looking fresh-faced and coifed for over 6 hours.

Armando applying a highlighting shadow (oxymoron, much?) to Machiko's lovely lids.

Working and sitting pretty.

Femmes Fatales: Valissa putting the final touches on this look, while Kimi teases Machiko's hair.

Watch the collabo in action: 

And the whole team on another look:

Aaaaaaand of course the day wasn’t complete without a mini-photoshoot of our own! 

[sidenote: We’re continually amazed by iPhone 4’s image/video quality. Isn’t it….breath-taking? *cough*]

We look forward to working with the talents involved in this shoot again sometime soon. We’d also like to thank M.A.C. Pro for their studio space and generous hospitality—can’t wait to visit Armando there the next time we stock up on makeup!

And last, but certainly not least, thank you for reading! We live for your Haus of Yoe love!!! Please leave us any and all comments, compliments, and critiques. We’d love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more updates on past, present, and future projects. We’re going international. Hint: Tokyo TV! Look out!

Ciao for now


‘Hot as Hell,’ indeed! Special guests VintageVandalizm and Raquel Reed helped V and the Trouble & Bass crew celebrate Drop The Lime’s latest single (which we’ve included at the end of this post). There was an amazing turn out at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, as partygoers dressed the part, packed the house, and danced all night to the unique electro-rockabilly sounds served up by Drop The Lime.

Our lovely ladies commanded the party:

”]Look who else came through… The one and only Roxy Cottontail.


”]Keeping the energy up!


”]The hair, the makeup, the ensembles…Divine!


”]All hands on deck for Drop The Lime!


”]For Trouble & Bass’s coverage of this main event with photos from HiFiCartel.


And more from the lovely VintageVandalizm and the spicy Raquel Reed.

We at the Haus of Yoe can’t wait for the next power collabo!

We’ll leave you with a taste of the night’s musical mood 


Haus of Yoe fam x owner of Williamsburg’s hair salon-cum-art gallery Rouge 58, Nadja Nebas has teamed up with New York fashion photog Chris Reed to house The Arche Pop Up Boutique, exhibiting Brooklyn’s emerging talent and established designers of fashion x jewelry.

For two weeks only, this inaugural installment will reflect the dark minimalism that has become an essential element of New York style. Playing on the industrial space of the gallery, clothes will be displayed suspended at different lengths from chains, whilst jewelry will be displayed hanging from a pillar in the middle of the store using satin ties and encased in a jewelry box.

After you’ve kicked you Halloween hangover, come join us in celebrating this power collabo of New York arts!

Check out the opening party on November 1st (Mon) with music by DJ Lloydski (DA Hardy Boyz) and a closing party on November 13th (Sat) with DJ Whitney Fierce.

And if you can’t make it to either of those soirees, be sure to swing by the Rouge 58 space in between those dates to explore the Arche Pop Up Boutique…

Arche Pop Up Designer List
Mary Meyer (Woman’s Wear)
Trouble And Bass (T-shirt line)
Sea Sick Mama (T-shirt line)
Ambit (jewelry)
By Natalia (Jewelry)
Lacee Swan (T-shirt line)
Slimm Jones (T-shirts and tote bags)
Britney Thomas (Jewelry) (website under construction)


The Aaron Cobbett Experience: Va-va-VOOM!

Scene: On a seemingly serene Sunday afternoon, a magical meeting of artistic minds took place behind the nondescript doors of 385 Broadway…

LocationAaron Cobbett‘s immense TriBeCa studio, Headquarters NYC.

Mood: Confluence of creative spirit.

The Players:

”]Inspiration: Maharaja x Silver Screen Glamour x Drama x Splendor x Opulence.


Part I: The Maharaja Royal Portrait.



Phase II: Egyptian Gold and Features Bold




Finished photos to be released soon....

That’s a wrap! Another amazing power collaboration and Haus of Yoe collaboration…

Team Yoe: Yours truly with Lady V. Introducing our guest star with his debut performance... Rocko, the teacup poodle!

Segue to 2 hours later that night… Epilogue: Channeling the Creativity into a Vandam Rager.

Crotchless tights. Exotic Headdress. Pharaoh Physique.

Vogue all day and all night.




Aaron CobbettPhotography and Set Design

Omar Alexander FigueroaWardrobe, Styling, and Model

Valissa Yoe – Model

Michael Gwaltney – Makeup for Mr. Figueroa

Darvell Freeman – Makeup for Ms. Yoe

Jaime Starr – Hair for Ms. Yoe

Alan GeorgeHair for Ms. Yoe

Leo Fallon – Documentarian and Assistant


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Haus of Yoe checking in with a little insider look for you… Feast your eyes on this slideshow of choice photos! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What you see above are select looks from Alife’s latest Lifestyle Guide Lookbook — which Valissa styled with the assistance of The Christian Civera on a blissfully warm day of early summer (2010).

V+C @ the Alife showroom in Chinatown. Downtown Style Mavens reporting for duty!


The duo arranged pieces for the lookbook from the Alife Spring Summer 2011 Sportswear Collection. Valissa’s vision for the looks centered around Alife’s “All-Americana” theme with a blend of permutations from punk rock to classic prep with a fresh edge…

Expect this excellent print volume [featuring our Lady V’s styling!] to drop in January.

And if the style suspense is killing you, munch on this for now… (It’s a link to the current [Fall/Winter 2010] cinematic version of the Alife lookbook, which features a fresh “musical score” by DJ Mehdi. We’re eating it!!!)

Bon appétite.

Girl Power! DJ Valissa with Nire Izm Erin and Jasmine Solano at the main event!

**UPDATE ^^^^


Thaaaaaat’s right! You heard it here:

Tomorrow night is your chance to catch DJ Valissa drop that bass @ Belmont Lounge with the CMJ Showcase, Class of 2010 line-up. Brought to you by HoneyMag, this SHAMELE$$ School for Girls cast of fierce females will be sure to have you voguing out and shaking that booty! And all for a good cause! As noted in the flyer below, $5 donations go toward the Girls Inc. cause, which works to empower little ladies across the US to be “strong, smart, and bold.” DJ-stylist-designer Valissa couldn’t be more honored to showcase her sound at this event!

Get behind it!