A Valissa Yoe x Nicolas Padron Collaboration

Ever have one of those days where everything goes so right?

Timing on. Vibing on. Everything on…

Well, that was the way our styling job at M.A.C. Pro Studio went yesterday. Oh, we fancy. So fancy, in fact, that we actually shared an elevator with Swizzy, himself! Random…..?…..Holla!

Everything big. It was gorgeousness all around. In collaboration with photographer Nicolas Padron, MAC Pro makeup artist Armando Guajardo, hair stylist Kimiyuki Masawa, model Machiko from Wilhelmina, The Haus of Yoe made it happen!

Drawing inspiration from the sultry sophistication of the 1990s (reads: minimalist accessories and makeup, sheer fabrics, femme fatale attitude, etc.), Valissa and Leo were at-the-ready with their rack full of gowns, lingerie, and leather. Valissa and the newest Haus of Yoe inductee, Christian A. helped Valissa assemble a wardrobe of various labels like Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Chanel, United Nude, Burberry, Bijules, and vintage finds.

Collaborating with the rest of the photoshoot cast was a breeze! Machiko was able to translate Nicolas’ energy into strong poses, while Kimi and Armando kept her looking fresh-faced and coifed for over 6 hours.

Armando applying a highlighting shadow (oxymoron, much?) to Machiko's lovely lids.

Working and sitting pretty.

Femmes Fatales: Valissa putting the final touches on this look, while Kimi teases Machiko's hair.

Watch the collabo in action: 

And the whole team on another look:

Aaaaaaand of course the day wasn’t complete without a mini-photoshoot of our own! 

[sidenote: We’re continually amazed by iPhone 4’s image/video quality. Isn’t it….breath-taking? *cough*]

We look forward to working with the talents involved in this shoot again sometime soon. We’d also like to thank M.A.C. Pro for their studio space and generous hospitality—can’t wait to visit Armando there the next time we stock up on makeup!

And last, but certainly not least, thank you for reading! We live for your Haus of Yoe love!!! Please leave us any and all comments, compliments, and critiques. We’d love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more updates on past, present, and future projects. We’re going international. Hint: Tokyo TV! Look out!

Ciao for now