‘Hot as Hell,’ indeed! Special guests VintageVandalizm and Raquel Reed helped V and the Trouble & Bass crew celebrate Drop The Lime’s latest single (which we’ve included at the end of this post). There was an amazing turn out at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, as partygoers dressed the part, packed the house, and danced all night to the unique electro-rockabilly sounds served up by Drop The Lime.

Our lovely ladies commanded the party:

”]Look who else came through… The one and only Roxy Cottontail.


”]Keeping the energy up!


”]The hair, the makeup, the ensembles…Divine!


”]All hands on deck for Drop The Lime!


”]For Trouble & Bass’s coverage of this main event with photos from HiFiCartel.


And more from the lovely VintageVandalizm and the spicy Raquel Reed.

We at the Haus of Yoe can’t wait for the next power collabo!

We’ll leave you with a taste of the night’s musical mood