A BTS look/photoessay chronicling the many faces of Michael Musto,

as captured in his Village Voice Year in Review.

Who’s that laaaaday?

Valissa Makeup-Hands

Inside the Artist's Atelier: V's mobile arsenal of product + her canvas (Michael Musto) awaiting his first transformation.

Tabula Rasa: an Ariel View. V preps Musto for his fresh-faced pop look...


Bieber is in the building! Valissa perfects Musto's Bieber helmet as Maegan and Chad discuss visuals, while John oversees the logistics.

Pow! Published. (photo via Village Voice)


Lauren, master prop stylist, prepares the next ensemble.

Holy Pop Icon!

Bieber is sidelined as Gaga takes center stage.


Behold! The Artiste.



Money Shot.

$$$ (photo via Village Voice)

Next! Post-Bronzer. Getting Snook'd.

Work it

Snooki! A reunion photo for posterity.


In character: Mad Hatter Musto!

Power Brow II

A toast to 2K10 (photo via Village Voice)

2010, An Allegory. Clockwise from top left: The Chad. Mad Hatter Musto. Snookums. Lady VaVa. Mel Gibson's Beaver with A Beaver'd Bieber. Maegen Hardy.


Art Direction: John Dixon, Village Voice

Photography: Chad Griffith

Photo Assistant: Maegen Gindi

Prop Stylist & Wardrobe: Lauren Stoecker-Sylvia

Makeup and Hair Styling: Valissa Yoe

Documentarian and Beaver Wrangler: Yours Truly