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Glam Squad 1: Makeup and Wardrobe. Three Sexy Women.

I got five sexy women plus some five star love in my house
And on the walls, got Gucci linen
My bartender keep the bottles poppin’ all night, ni-ii-ght

This is the silky hook sung by Jeremih [of ‘Birthday Sex’ fame] on the new Sheek Louch track, ‘Party After 2.’ The song is a smooth toast to those late nights spent buzzing around a bottle of bubbly—-the video shoot went much the same way….

Chic look: V and Sheek Louch were downtown tubbin'

Okay, so we weren’t really sippin on Don Don, but Haus of Yoe represented our bubbly, five-star haus love by curating an exquisite and expansive/teeming wardrobe of lingerie, swimsuits, and clubwear for the sexy video ladies to vibe in. We selected our favorite pieces by Public School gear for our male stars, House of Deréon, Baby Phat, Elle Macpherson Intimates, Betsy Johnson, TopShop, Kardashian by Bebe, designs by Valissa Yoe, and about $2Gs worth of oh-my-gaaarter! Agent Provacateur. The ladies were glam in all the right places. Check out this Best of Both Offices BTS vid to see their pretty faces:

That’s right. Valissa styled about 30 vixens. Christian Civera, Zoë Vickers, and yours truly Leo Fallon assisted this….lively….operation that went down at The Thompson LES‘s Above Allen lounge and penthouse suite. Naturally, a gathering of 30 vixens styled to the nines called for an entourage plus other camera crews to take note of this eye candy. Here is Eve Lora’s account of the activity:

In case you didn’t catch it, there were cameo appearances by Ghostface, a seriously cute shorty who spits a mean verse Little E, among others…


[Amid the chaos, I swear I saw/heard Jadakiss, but that could’ve been the effect of the 14 hr work day…]

Hour 14. The Aftermath. Glam Squad 2: Two More Sexy Women. Leo + Zoë

The official video debut is set for next week. Here’s a little sample for you to keep:


photo via SmokeStack Recording

We’d like to thank producer Jim Muscarella, Natalie Cora on hair/makeup, and director James Del Gatto for this experience!



Tomorrow night @ 8pm in Brooklyn (location TBA), chaos will ensue as the legendary The Whore House party doors open. It’s the “House of Whorrors” Halloween Edition, so you know anything goes. Blackangels & CuntMafia have enlisted our very own Valissa Yoe to provide ‘house-vogue-dark couture’ sounds to whip the top floor extravaganza crowd into a frenzy at this highly anticipated event. Check back at the “House of Whorrors” page for the location reveal later tonight.

RSVPs have already forecasted over 1,100 guests attending!

Here’s a vid of the Whorehouse 3 party thrown earlier this year:

Fresh Release!

Stream AND download the “Whore Haus Mix” directly from this post! Go!

Join Leo, Micaela, and Zuzuka for a behind the scenes makeup session with stylist/DJ/makeup artist Valissa Yoe. The girls are prepping for an impromptu cavewoman-themed photoshoot….

And DAMN did they turn it out!

The whole shoot process (from concept and putting the word out for a photographer…to Facebooking the finished, edited shots) took all of 5 hours! These ladies are professionals with serious chemistry.

Without further ado, here is one succulent fruit of their breezy labor:

Get ready for Zuzuka Poderosa (pictured, left) and DJ Valissa's Halloween party @ Sullivan Hall! Hexed and Vexed photography. Makeup and earring by Valissa.

Eat it! Zombie Cavewomen bad mamma jammas!

To see more of Micaela’s expert eye / lens-work, check out her website here!

And to put some voice behind that gorgeous Brazilian face, listen to Zuzuka’s spicy vocals and lyrics here!

Aaaaaaand let’s not forget to get a little sneak peek of what sound style V will serve up when she spins Halloween night @ Sullivan Hall here! + more makeup tutorials here.

So it’s 8PM and buzz on the street seems to reveal that Thursday is the night to throw down and start the weekend off right. Whether you’re rolling large with your crew, doin it dirty behind closed doors, or just plain ready to get stupid after a long week… whatever you end up doing… take this cue and


Credits: photo by Johnny Sandaire. Make-up by Eduardo Martinez. Hair by Alan George. Styling was a ValissaExclusive™

Heavy bass. Electro. House. Disco. If these words send a tickle down your spine, check out that Vendetta mix by DJ Valissa.

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