Join Leo, Micaela, and Zuzuka for a behind the scenes makeup session with stylist/DJ/makeup artist Valissa Yoe. The girls are prepping for an impromptu cavewoman-themed photoshoot….

And DAMN did they turn it out!

The whole shoot process (from concept and putting the word out for a photographer…to Facebooking the finished, edited shots) took all of 5 hours! These ladies are professionals with serious chemistry.

Without further ado, here is one succulent fruit of their breezy labor:

Get ready for Zuzuka Poderosa (pictured, left) and DJ Valissa's Halloween party @ Sullivan Hall! Hexed and Vexed photography. Makeup and earring by Valissa.

Eat it! Zombie Cavewomen bad mamma jammas!

To see more of Micaela’s expert eye / lens-work, check out her website here!

And to put some voice behind that gorgeous Brazilian face, listen to Zuzuka’s spicy vocals and lyrics here!

Aaaaaaand let’s not forget to get a little sneak peek of what sound style V will serve up when she spins Halloween night @ Sullivan Hall here! + more makeup tutorials here.