Here is a marvelous piece Tokyo TV shot on a day in my life. Thank you to all the talents, friends and believers that made the magic happen. Life is good…
Bruce Snell Archive
Vida Ventura
Eduardo Martinez
Christian Aguirre



Here is an excerpt from Sergio Fertitta’s video SPACED OUT directed by Meret Koehler.. I gave my fingers and patience a healthy workout for this stop motion graphics piece. Sergio liked my robot makeup so much he created a super hero character around it!

Work is my life and I’m not complaining! How could I when “work” means traveling to one of the most fabulous places on earth, Anguilla. We were shooting a catalog for Hank Freid’s exclusive yachts, Impulsive Charters. I must say, Hank knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. His staff was incredibly attentive and friendly (not to mention easy on the eyes). The personal chef was top rated and champagne was endless!

I was styling and doing makeup on the lovely Q model, Laura Peterson. Photographer, Yann Dandois, really knows his lighting and how to bring out the essence in a woman. There was no room for anything else but success!

Check out video I co-styled with Omar Alexander for Righty Righty Righty Magazine…

Creative Producer: Deryck Todd / Photographer: Nikola Tamindzic
Fashion Cinematographer: Marcus K Jones
MakeUp: Darvell Freeman & Michael Gwaltney
Hair: Rainblo & Steven Kirkham / Nails: Myrdith Leon-McCormack

Models: Kim Koo (Wilhelmina Models), Omarya (Wilhelmina Models),
Aava Ducayne (Next Models), Katy Beal (Q Models)

Song: Maluca Mala “El Tigeraso”

Here I am with the lovely Miss USA at Trump Towers. She lent me her $500,000 crown for the photo! Complete sweetheart and a pleasure to style. I got to work with my favorite makeup artist and friend, Jillian Villafane and producer Mario Romeo. I ended up doing makeup, hair and styling on the last shoot day with Donald’s “secretary” for a helicopter and limo scene. As you can tell she was drop dead gorgeous! You will have to wait till the roast comes out to see the man himself!


It was an incredible honor to be featured as Time Out New York’s Most Stylish New Yorker! Check out the printed photos and online version including outfit breakdown and interview HERE!

Check out BTS video of Michael Musto’s transformation. Watch 2min 35sec in for our nutty banter… Somehow “boob tape” replaced spirit gum. Don’t judge!

A BTS look/photoessay chronicling the many faces of Michael Musto,

as captured in his Village Voice Year in Review.

Who’s that laaaaday?

Valissa Makeup-Hands

Inside the Artist's Atelier: V's mobile arsenal of product + her canvas (Michael Musto) awaiting his first transformation.

Tabula Rasa: an Ariel View. V preps Musto for his fresh-faced pop look...


Bieber is in the building! Valissa perfects Musto's Bieber helmet as Maegan and Chad discuss visuals, while John oversees the logistics.

Pow! Published. (photo via Village Voice)


Lauren, master prop stylist, prepares the next ensemble.

Holy Pop Icon!

Bieber is sidelined as Gaga takes center stage.


Behold! The Artiste.



Money Shot.

$$$ (photo via Village Voice)

Next! Post-Bronzer. Getting Snook'd.

Work it

Snooki! A reunion photo for posterity.


In character: Mad Hatter Musto!

Power Brow II

A toast to 2K10 (photo via Village Voice)

2010, An Allegory. Clockwise from top left: The Chad. Mad Hatter Musto. Snookums. Lady VaVa. Mel Gibson's Beaver with A Beaver'd Bieber. Maegen Hardy.


Art Direction: John Dixon, Village Voice

Photography: Chad Griffith

Photo Assistant: Maegen Gindi

Prop Stylist & Wardrobe: Lauren Stoecker-Sylvia

Makeup and Hair Styling: Valissa Yoe

Documentarian and Beaver Wrangler: Yours Truly

Glam Squad 1: Makeup and Wardrobe. Three Sexy Women.

I got five sexy women plus some five star love in my house
And on the walls, got Gucci linen
My bartender keep the bottles poppin’ all night, ni-ii-ght

This is the silky hook sung by Jeremih [of ‘Birthday Sex’ fame] on the new Sheek Louch track, ‘Party After 2.’ The song is a smooth toast to those late nights spent buzzing around a bottle of bubbly—-the video shoot went much the same way….

Chic look: V and Sheek Louch were downtown tubbin'

Okay, so we weren’t really sippin on Don Don, but Haus of Yoe represented our bubbly, five-star haus love by curating an exquisite and expansive/teeming wardrobe of lingerie, swimsuits, and clubwear for the sexy video ladies to vibe in. We selected our favorite pieces by Public School gear for our male stars, House of Deréon, Baby Phat, Elle Macpherson Intimates, Betsy Johnson, TopShop, Kardashian by Bebe, designs by Valissa Yoe, and about $2Gs worth of oh-my-gaaarter! Agent Provacateur. The ladies were glam in all the right places. Check out this Best of Both Offices BTS vid to see their pretty faces:

That’s right. Valissa styled about 30 vixens. Christian Civera, Zoë Vickers, and yours truly Leo Fallon assisted this….lively….operation that went down at The Thompson LES‘s Above Allen lounge and penthouse suite. Naturally, a gathering of 30 vixens styled to the nines called for an entourage plus other camera crews to take note of this eye candy. Here is Eve Lora’s account of the activity:

In case you didn’t catch it, there were cameo appearances by Ghostface, a seriously cute shorty who spits a mean verse Little E, among others…


[Amid the chaos, I swear I saw/heard Jadakiss, but that could’ve been the effect of the 14 hr work day…]

Hour 14. The Aftermath. Glam Squad 2: Two More Sexy Women. Leo + Zoë

The official video debut is set for next week. Here’s a little sample for you to keep:


photo via SmokeStack Recording

We’d like to thank producer Jim Muscarella, Natalie Cora on hair/makeup, and director James Del Gatto for this experience!