Hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving weekend! Whether you spent a little QT/face time with the family, stuffed your face on that 2nd slice of pumpkin pie, saved face with a winning Black Friday strategy, didn’t dare show your face during Black Friday mayhem, or if you just managed to party your face off at some point or another… We miss your faces glowing in front of our Haus of Yoe updates!

Although, sadly, it’s been a little while since we’ve last posted, we’ve happily been neck-deep in projects. Between work on the latest W-Society shoot,

On top of the world! I spy with my little eye... Someone with scarlet red hair and a chic chapeau, pouring over her iPhone... Photo via W-Society.

handling wardrobe for three different Google Demo Slam shoots with our favorite fellas at GhostRobot and our girl Jillian Villafane, running into fellow NY icons during nightlife play time

with Jerry Seinfeld and Amalia Moscoso

preparing pulls for a music video that didn’t quite happen occupational hazard of the arts, styling a Sheek Louch featuring Jeremih music video filmed at Webster Hall,

with Sheek Louch

prepping for another music video scheduled to shoot this week, aaaaaand wrapping up a Valissa Exclusive™ TV feature that will appear on Tokyo TV aka NHK—Japan’s national channel, you can imagine that we’ve been sorting through a number of wardrobes…

Haus of Yoe's Christian Civera and Leo Fallon at work / working out

And oh, how marvelous it’s been on the grind. So please excuse the mini-hiatus while we sorted through our thoughts and lingerie….

For this week's music video shoot