Remember, remember the 9th of October… POW!

V for Valissa vs. V for Vendetta

A couple weeks ago, Team V invaded what is one of the largest (pop) cultural convocations to convene on the East Coast. The die-hard spirit and excitement in the air was a bit reminiscent of Fashion Week–our week to freak–so we were able to endure our Friday night “headaches” and delve into the Comic Con chaos that Saturday afternoon. We were on a style file mission to find the more fashion-translatable and unique looks in attendance. Among the canned costume ensembles and more typical evocations of graphic novel fans, we stumbled upon these interesting individuals who were more than happy to strike their pose for us:

Colorblock 101: Spandex Skaterboys pay attention to fit and flow.

Lolita style by way of Japan. This little lady brought it, head to toe. What adorable/admirable commitment to cartoon couture!

A well-executed translation of Wolverine's raw paws. Halloween inspiration, anyone?

This is her HAIR! After trading compliments on our tresses, we were sort of lulled into the hypnotic effect that her peacock-like headdress situation commands... It sort of speaks for itself---or looks like it could speak, itself! Kudos, Lady GothPunk. (Gaga's got nothing on you)

And last but not least! We introduce to you the Man of the Hour,

The one and only Daddy Yoe! Craig of Castle Yoe. (No really, he claims residence in a chateau upstate. There you can find his stately trove of graphic novels and memorabilia from his days as art director at Jim Henson! We will publish a post about this character-who-publishes in the future. So stay tuned for that entry on Valissa’s heritage….)

Like father, like daughter: creative to the core. Mr. Craig Yoe stands proudly with two of his creations.. Madame V and Frankenstein.. while V represents. What a lovely glimpse of genealogy!


Silver Cheese TV stopped by the Yoe Books booth to have a word with the Yoe-Yoe duo! How couldn't you pass up such a good look?


**Update: View the Silver Cheese TV interview vid! (Kick back, wait 30 seconds for the commercial to run, and enjoy the show) >>>