Checking into the Haus of Yoe! We’re bringing it back to that legendary night. Carnival style.

Inspiration du nuit? Gaga.

Grammy Tranny Glam


And Boy George.

Love! For cultured clubbing.

Boy Christian. Eat it!

Watch Valissa and Christian bring it BIG preparing for the Big Top Party hosted by none other than Amanda Lepore… The first video installment below is a Lady Gaga / tranny glam makeup tutorial (see V achieve her party look shown above and discover which products she turns to)…. Oh, and a little forewarning: excuse the bad lighting, but the up close and personal antics in this video are enough entertainment to stand on their own sooooo not a proper makeup tutorial but give a girl an iPhone 4 and you get fashionista filming on the fly.

…continued! In this second installment, the duo discuss the fierce things they do with their fab friends: designer to the stars Kerin Rose; world class DJ Roxy Cottontail; fashion renegade stylist-designer Omar Figueroa; va-va-voom stylist-blogger VintageVandalizm; ace photographer Kareem Black; and V’s other half, DJ Vida Ventura… Damn. What a lineup.

For more of Valissa’s makeup work, check this out.